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What is Nuthin’ but Good Times?
Nuthin’ but Good Times is an indoor solid structure playground, the business welcomes walk-in, hosts birthday parties and family oriented special events. The facility is over 9000 square feet including a kitchen with a variety of food options including gluten free, dairy free, and our very own pizza!

Where are you located?
746 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack, NH 03054

At night, its very hard to see the sign!
This has been the case since we opened and we wholeheartedly agree. We are investigating ways to get the sign illuminated. Some of the problems are out of our control and are working hard to communicate our concerns and find a solution.  -Solar powered LED lights were installed in 2018, 1 new face sign coming soon!

What ages are NBGT best suited for?
The play structures are designed to support all ages, children from crawling to the age of 12 are the largest population. Adults are more them welcome to play alongside them, climb and play!


What are the admission costs?
Infants: ……………………Free
Crawlers: …………………$2.50
3 & Under:…………………$6.00
4 & Above: ………………$9.50
Adults (18+): ………$2.50
Our admission is a 1 time entry fee, However, we do reserve the right under certain circumstances to re-enter or set a reduced price when warranted.

No shoes…only socks?
Sock are required at all times at NBGT, we don’t allow shoes to be worn unless there are medical requirements to be met.  Forgot your socks? No problem. Purchase socks for $1.50 each before you enter -we will ask you!  Indoor slippers (not used outside) are permitted as well but not in the play structures, please have socks as well.

I thought you use a wristband or stamp in the past?
Yes we do during the busiest season in the winter. we use the hand stamping unto the wrist.

Why do the staff wear shoes?  NBGT has a full kitchen to support, it’s a requirement for all employees wear shoes to support the business and it’s the law.  Staff generally have a clean set onsite to reduce contamination and we do remove our shoes to enter into play structures.

What is a waiver and why do you use them?
Waivers are a standard part of business and inform our guests that we’re a play at your own risk facility and parents/guardians are responsible for managing and monitoring of their children. A waiver is required to enter.

How does the Waiver work?
Our waiver is available online and must be filled out on your first visit, each visit we will call up your history, update if needed. Waivers are linked directly to your admissions entry.

Online Waiver Link: https://nuthinbutgoodtimes.com/online-waiver

Can I send my kids in to play alone in the building?
No.  All children must have an adult on site to watch over them while they play. We hope that you’ll play along with them, but we also have couches and free WIFI for your use to monitor from a distance. Please make sure to keep your children in eyesight at all times. They are your responsibility.

The Parking lot is full, where can I park?
The owner of the property has ask we park in the following configuration below, parallel parking will allow more cars to be parked. Please do not block loading docs or AAA’s side of the building, they need clear access to help the stranded.


 Why are adults not free, I will only sit and watch?

We sincerely hope you do not. NBGT is a family oriented facility and adults of all ages choose to use the structure. The admission cost per adult is only $2.50, all adults using the structure also add wear and tear. This reduced price helps NBGT continue to repair and upgrade the materials needed to make the structure safe for all.

Can I bring in a stroller?
No. NBGT does not allow strollers in the building.  Strollers have shown historically to be a obstacle and hazard to the children running around or using the bounce balls. On top of this, the wheels of the strollers bring in a huge about of contamination from the outside. Please leave them in your car.

Do you allow outside food and drink?
Please, No Outside Food or Drinks: We support a nut free environment, please do not bring them or any outside foods including Dunkin’s , Starbucks, bottled water, gum, candy and all outside food. We have a full kitchen at your service and our prices are competitive with the outside world!

Can we bring alcohol in?
We don’t allow alcohol at our facility.

I have a medical condition for my feet, I’m in a wheelchair!
Exceptions are reserved for people with conditions that require shoe support or are in need of any wheel unit. We only ask you to allow us a moment to clean and disinfect the outer soles and wheels that are exposed to the outside, and we will be gentle and respectful. We are here for family to be together, we will make it work for you. We will move chairs and tables for you or help you get to that comfortable spot to be involved, just let us know!

Do you offer a military discount?
We are proud to offer a military discount to active and retired military personnel! Receive $1 off adults, $1.50 on children and $20 off party packages. Please provide your military ID or veteran’s ID card at the front desk when you enter or book a party!


Is there a changing table?
NBGT has a changing table in both mens and womens bathrooms, last stall at the end.

Why are the bathroom doors left open?
There are too many children, most parents are happy to have an eye’s view of the children.  There are doors and you can close the door if you feel uncomfortable but please open it when you leave or the the staff will.

You want me to use the bathroom in my socks?
NBGT cleans and monitors the bathroom all throughout the day, we also have a cleaning service after hours.  Besides a Kid-tastrophe, Yes we have a no shoe policy.  The location of the bathroom is within the facility, shoes are not permitted.

The Cafe’

I hear you overprice your food and gouge the customers with high water prices!
Absolutely not true. Our prices are fair and competitive with the local markets. NBGT has a strong interest in repeat customers and works hard to keep our prices fair.

Can I eat and drink in the play area?`
Please do not.  We ask that you consume beverages and snacks up front at our tables. This will help keep our facility clean and fresh for everyone!

Why do you support a peanut-free environment?
We are a facility that all kids can play at and we don’t want to exclude kids that have nut allergies. Our Café offers great healthy choices for snacks, lunch & dinner – we support gluten free, dairy free and nut free food choices. We work very hard to keep peanut or nut items out of the facility, please do not bring them.

I’m new to this – do you have any tips before I come?
(1) Pack socks! (2) Participate with your kids! (3) Come ready to have fun! (4) Try our Pizza!


What is the difference between the Parties and Private Parties?
Birthday parties booked during business hours and the play areas are shared with the public, NBGT after-hour parties such as the Castaway package are closed to the public and the facility is exclusively yours for the allotted time.

How many people can come?
Please check the party packages for details and pricing, call if you are not sure.

Are babies and/or adults included in the headcount for my party?
Non-walking/crawling  babies are not counted. Adults are included in some packages such as the Ala-Carte and the Castaway when numbers have exceeded the packages limit.

Snow storms and parties?
In the event we have a storm where the dangers are too high to be open to the general public, we will be glad to work with you and reschedule the party or refund where deemed necessary.

How much time do I need to book a party, will you be full?
We suggest 2 months in advance if you are targeting a date and time!

Can I change the date or time of my party?
Yes, however the closer to the date the more difficult it can be. Some weekends book faster then others, We suggest calling as soon as possible.

Does everyone need a waiver entering for a party?
All of your guests need to sign a waiver on the day of your party. You can provide a waiver in their invite and/or we provide them at the beginning of your party!

When should I arrive for my party?
Private party guests should arrive 15 minutes before your party time.

When should my guests arrive for my party?
Private party guests should arrive 10 minutes before your party time so they can settle in and sign a waiver if not already completed.

Can I stay longer than 2 hours?
Generally the room rental is 2 hours. However, if your package includes to stay, please move your items from and to your car before heading back into play.

What food/drink/addon options do you have?
Please see our party add-on prices located here: https://nuthinbutgoodtimes.com/party-add-on-prices

Can I help set up the room?
We love to take all the stress out of your party and set up everything for you, Let us know if you have any special set-up requests, and we’d be happy to do it for you!

Will I have time for everything in the Party Room?
The party host will help coordinate time and suggest changes when it seems the schedule will be too long to accommodate.

Can I have extra time for my party?
Sorry, we have set times to prepare for the following party any delays exiting the party room can be very disrupting. The window can be as short as 15 minutes during the busy season. We kindly ask you stay within your timeframe and allow the host the necessary time to clean and prepare the room for the following guests.

What happens if I choose stay in the Party Room past my time?
Neglect to Vacate the Party Room: The deliberate neglect to vacate the party room within the designated rental time that causes delay to the cleaning of, and entering of incoming customer parties, will result in a $75 fee with an addition charge of $10 for each 5 minutes overstayed.

Can I open presents during the party?
Sorry, no. There is a great concern of the toys leaving the room and getting under the feet of other guests and younger children. On top of this, lost toys and the hazardous choking materials with today’s commercial packaging is unsettling and puts every child at risk. There has been a history of children removing the toys from the room and either having lost or having had them taken by other children who see the opened gifts. Both resulted in a very unhappy child and we have seen the structure damaged from abuse.