Nuthin’ but Good Times Policies

This is a developing page and will be updated as needed.


General and Entry

We are a Shoeless Environment: Socks are required for all. This reduces a huge amount of contaminants for our littlest visitors. Please bring socks, we do carry them if you should forget! This includes the bathrooms, they are located in the facility.

Exceptions are reserved for people with conditions that require shoe support or are in need of a wheel unit. We only ask you to allow us a moment to clean and disinfect the outer soles and wheels that are exposed to the outside, and we will be gentle and respectful.

No Strollers Please: It can be a very busy place, and they are a hazard for the children, party hosts and other guests. Please leave strollers in your car and not the coat room.

Please, No Outside Food or Drinks: We support a nut-free environment, please do not bring them or any outside foods including Dunkin, Starbucks, bottled water, gum, candy and all outside foods. We have a Café at your service!

Play Areas: No Food or Drinks Allowed in the Play areas, this is marked and rugged. Please refrain from contaminating the play area at all times, it is a cleaner environment for all. We reserve the right to remove all articles of food from this location and may not look for its owner.

Foul Language and Other Bad Behavior are not acceptable for the young climbers. We ask all play and talk respectfully to each other. Winter season can be crowded and we are indoors, if it’s overwhelming and you just arrived, please ask the front for a refund and return another day. Please don’t wait hours to declare or we will not be in a position to help you.

Bouncy Balls Must stay in the play area and on the floor, none are allowed in the play structures, to be used to plug the slides, kicked or whipped at others.

Personal Belongings in the Coat Room: Please do not leave any valuables in the coat room. NBGT is not responsible for items lost or left behind, the rom is posted inside and out. We are happy to return lost and founds. Please call with details of the item.


Birthdays and Special Events

Public Gatherings for a Birthday:  Please leave presents and food at home or in your car, the coat room is not a place to store such items and you are at risk having them lost. Cakes and other foods are not allowed.

Birthday Cakes for booked parties are the only allowed food and we strongly ask the dessert be peanut free and remain within the party room at all times. Please have the dessert covered and easily deliverable to the room, we are willing to help and even store the cake in advance if need be.

Neglect to the Facility: The deliberate act of neglect to the facility, physical damage to our playground and notably our signature hand prints will be met with a strong pursuit of legal action and compensation for the destruction of what is considered irreplaceable property.

Neglect to Vacate the Party Room: The deliberate neglect to vacate the party room within the designated rental time that causes delay to the cleaning of, and entering of incoming customer parties, will result in a $75 fee with an addition charge of $10 for each 5 minutes overstayed.

Party Deposits are Refundable Within a 24hr period after booking; after that time period, it will be converted to a credit. We are happy to help you reschedule your party at anytime!

All policies are at the discretion of the managers on a case by case basis.

Thank you!